City, Country, River

The Taunus
Back to Nature in a Few Minutes

Wilhelm von Humboldt describes these romantic, lively wooded areas as lovely and graceful in the spring, full of sparkling joy in the summer and colorful in the fall, which deserve a trip every season. Countless hiking trails meander through the Taunus, each with spectacular views or a little stop at the Roman forts, castles and other historical buildings or the apple cider cabins for refreshments. And as an adventure you can hike through the Taunus along side the legendary bandit Schinderhannes! So what are you waiting for?

The Feldberg calls.Around the Feldberg and just outside the city of Frankfurt are some of the most beautiful mountain bike areas in Germany. Where once Germans and Romans fought their battles, the mountain bikers fight with the terrain along the lines.
Chateau Braunfels, a journey to a fairytale world.Around almost every corner, one expects a knight in a shining armor on a horse. Chateau Braunfels is the castle like of romantic novels.
In height lies strength: there is only one direction to hike. Up.
Dog Sled Races – Wintersport auf vier Pfoten. winter sport on four paws. One could get the impression that he made a wrong turn, when suddenly a dog sled comes around the corner on a snowy winter day. Don’t worry: you are still in the middle of the Taunus because in the middle of winter the Taunus hosts the dog sled race „Rund um den taunus“ („Around the Taunus“) A little exotic - without the beach and palm trees.
The green wall lizard, animal of the year 2011, is in great danger in Hessen and is considered endangered throughout Europe. Therefore, a conservation area was needed. That’s why parts of the Euopaviertel were declared “wall lizard country,” a sanctuary for the many animals who call the retired freight depot home.

Bull, Bear
and high animals

The skyline is impressive: 22 skyscrapers higher than 100m (333 feet) create the silhoutte of the Frankfurt Bank Quarter– and it grows and grows. In no other Geman city are skyscrapers as numerous and only Frankfurt has a skyline that can compete with other European Metropoles like London and Moskau. Frankfurt am Main is the financial mid point of Germany, and the skyscrapers of the big banks and insurance companies define architectural excellence.

The Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, with more than 130 years of existence, is one of the first houses in the city.
Great Moments – Tigerpalast Clear the stage for your senses. When the lights go out and the spotlight is on in the famous Tigerpalast, guests can expect an experience for all senses. 190 spectators can enjoy the best cabarets and culinary arts events every evening. For the last 25 years, the Tigerpalast has hosted great artists and entertainers such as Max Raabe (a famous German singer). However, stars aren’t just on the stage: the kitchens have their own stars.
The Sounds of the waves – Coast Brasserie & Oysterbar.Everything caught in the morning can be enjoyed in the evening at the „Coast“. The restaurant at the RadissoBlu specializes in fish, crustaceans, and shellfish, especially oysters, which are served very fresh.

Frankfurt has one of Germany’s largest museum densities. And German techni music has it origin in Frankfurt am Main with the „Sound of Frankfurt“ festival. Culture and history aren’t just to admire behind cabinets. Experience both in Frankfurt.

Economic miracle – Apfelwein Wagner. The Wagner family opened the apple cider winery in 1931, during the economic crises and just before the war. Miraculously the traditional restaurant still exists in its third generation and is now a real Frankfurt institution. „The Wagner“ is always packed, but somehow everyone still finds a seat at the long table rows.
Picturesquely – painted house. Two houses down from „The Wagner“ is the „Painted House.“ But there is no competition because guests are more than enough to enjoy a pint of apple cider. Since the end of the 19th century, the Painted House, which got its name from the many pictures, invites people to linger and relax. And for some Frankfurters, the Painted House is like home.
Museums shore 15 museums are located directly on the shores of the Main River; 37 museums in the city of Frankfurt have come together under the name „ Museum Shore“ and are connected by their own busses. From ancient Egyptian sculpture to architecture and design to the Moeny Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank , you can find almost everything to expand your horizons.
Frankfurt’s historical Old Town, of which history has written: „Even the foundations of Roman buildings can be seen in the old town of Frankfurt“ – Visit the „Römerberg“, where you will find the Frankfurt city hall, the „Römer“. Many reconstructed buildings make the old town worth a walk.